Outreach and Follow-ups on a complete auto-pilot. LiProspect is the safest cloud-based LinkedIn growth tools with a humanized algorithm.
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A Complete Linkedin Automation Suite

Automate your lead generation using proven B2B marketing and sales techniques. Make the process of finding targeted contacts using LinkedIn faster, more efficient and SAFE!

100% Safe

Arguably the safest Linkedin growth tools. With a humanized automation algorithm, we guarantee the most reliable prospecting platform on the market.

Personalized Follow-up Messages

There's no better way to introduce your product and services than well-crafted personalized follow-ups.

Advanced Search

Search Linkedin for millions of Prospects with all of the filters, and import your search to LiP for Automated Outreach and Prospecting.

Cloud Based Platform

LiProspect doesn't require that you install any browser extension or PC software to run. Your activities will run 24/7 on our servers while your PC is off.

Smart Inbox

Manage all of your prospects' responses from an intuitive smart inbox with advanced functions like Quick Replies.

Reply Detection

LiProspect automatically detects replies as they come and the drip sequence chain is stopped for a manual follow-up to convert your leads.

Dedicated 4G Mobile Proxy

With a unique 4G mobile proxy for each account, you do not have to worry about your account safety and extra cost as we've got you covered.

Drip Sequence

Keeping up with manual follow-ups could be time-consuming. With LiP, you can set your drip sequence and each follow-up will be sent at the appropriate time.

Blacklist Management

Easily blacklist accounts that you do not want to interact with. All you need to do is paste the profile links into the blacklist manager and we won't interact with these accounts.

Prospect, Nuture and Close 15x More Deals

With LiProspect, you've got all you need for a perfect Linkedin prospecting campaign with the right options that'll surely generate more valuable leads.

Auto View Profiles
Increase your engagement by over 500% by visiting the profiles of relevant accounts. Many of whom would view your profile in return.
Send Connection Requests
Easily grow your network with auto connection requests to targeted accounts. With the ability to write a compelling intro and personalization.
Personalized Follow Up Sequence
Set your follow-up sequence campaign and we'll nurture your prospects even while you sleep. LiP will automatically stop the sequence when a reply is detected (if set).
Manage Prospects with Tags and Notes
Segment your leads with appealing tags and notes which lets you easily filter your leads and export to CRM with ease. LinkedIn Leads generation and management simplified.
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Send Automated Email Follow-up

Leverage the combined power of Linkedin and Email automation with LiProspect's email follow-ups. You can send automated follow-up emails even when your Connection request wasn't accepted... Integrate your Gmail or Microsoft 365 to send unlimited messages.


Personalized variables

You do not have to greet your prospects with just the generic ``hello, hi,``. Use personalized variables so they feel more comfortable responding to your initial messages. Personalization increases engagement rates and we know this.


Send Personalized Inmails

Whether your business is B2B or B2C, the number of messages you can send through InMail ensures you can find exactly who you need. By using both InMail and regular messages, you can reach hundreds of prospects quickly-- and see results faster.. LiProspect lets you send InMails to Open Profiles and let you send credit-based InMails depending on your Sales Navigator InMail credit.


Detailed Campaign Insights and Metrics

Get detailed insights and key metrics of your campaigns and monitor the progress of each campaign. Run A/B testing for your campaigns to get the best results out of LiProspect.

Connect to CRM

Export Leads to Your CRM

Connect LiProspect to your favorite CRM via our Zapier integration and export your valuable leads to your favorite CRM. You can also auto-sync your Leads to Google sheet as they come.

Work Faster With Powerful Campaigns

Kickstarting a Linkedin Automation campaign with LiProspect takes less than 5 minutes. With little to no learning curves.

Run Unlimited Campaigns
You can run unlimited campaigns, compare the result of each campaign and settle for what's working best. You do not have to settle for less.
Import Custom List
Got a list of contacts or Linkedin users you'd like to target? With just a button click, you can import your lists and activate a campaign immediately.
Import Sales Navigator Search
Linkedin Sales navigation is limitless when it comes to finding the right leads, take advantage of the advanced search filters and easily import your search results to begin a campaign.
Supports Linkedin Basic Search
Even though we recommend Salves Nav for better results, we've got support for Linkedin basic search as well. Copy your search URL to LiProspect and kick start your campaign.
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How does it work?

All it takes to set up a perfect campaign is 5 minutes. What are you waiting for? Get started for absolutely free!

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It only takes 30 seconds to signup for our 3-day free trial. It'll only take a few steps.

Create Automated Sequence

Create an automated sequence that includes warm and personalized follow-ups in minutes.

Launch a Campaign

Run a Linkedin outreach campaign on a simplified campaign manager with detailed analytics.

Fill Your Inbox

LiP will get your inbox busy and you can start paying attention to what truly matters, converting your leads.

Unlock The Full Power Of Linkedin

Whether you're an enterprise sales rep, a B2B SaaS founder or a startup team, LiProspect will ensure you get that all-important first meeting with your dream prospect.


  • 1 Account Included
  • Connection Invites
  • Follow-up Sequences
  • Email Follow-ups
  • Personalized Inmails
  • Smart Inbox
  • Live Chat & Email Support
  • Import Target List
  • Advanced Search
  • Basic & Sales Nav Support
  • Advanced Analytics & Reporting
  • CRM Integration (Zapier)
  • Auto-sync to Google sheet
  • $49 Per Additional Account
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Perfect Plan for Agencies
  • Everything in Professional
  • 10 Accounts Included
  • Custom Domain
  • Brand Logo/color
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • $49 Per Additional Account
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Trusted by over 7000 Professionals

LiProspect helps you build your business faster, engage with more leads, and win more clients. See what our customers are saying below;

Easy to use

Liprospect helps find prospects on LinkedIn, automates lead generation with an easy-to-use dashboard. I'll recommend always.

Hector Garza

Supper Support!

Aside from having an amazing platform, the support rendered by the LiProspect team was quite outstanding. I'll recommend the product anytime.

Victor Byrd

Prospecting on auto pilot

With the Liprospect tool, I can now automate prospecting. Reach thousands of people in my industry and accelerate the sales process.

Sara Joseph

The best tool Around!

LiP is arguably the best Linkedin lead generation and automation tool we've come across... and we've tried a whole lot of them.

Adam Olson

Saves You Time!

Automated Prospecting and Lead Generation saves you time. Get one step ahead of your competitors in finding qualified leads! And we achieved that with LiProspect.

Herman Bryan

An efficient platform

Your employees will have an efficient way of prospecting new leads. Just like we did.

Elvira Adams

Frequently Asked Questions

Need more information to get started? We're always here to guide you. Below are some of the frequent questions.

You do not need a Linkedin Sales Navigator account to use LiP, the Linkedin Basic account works perfectly... However, it's highly recommended to upgrade to Sales Navigator as you'll have access to advanced filters and better search results. And higher limits.

No. LiProspect is a 100% Cloud-based platform, you do not need to install a browser extension or install any software on your PC. LiP works even when your PC is off.

Our platform is designed to manage multiple Linkedin accounts and it takes a single click of a button to switch between accounts.

Yes, we offer the Whitelabel option for Agencies with 10 or more Linkedin Accounts. Kindly contact us for more details.

Yes. We offer a 3-day commitment-free trial. Get started now

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